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Silver Embrace's Inc. 


Project Formulation - Silver Embrace's Inc. will meet with the Client to confirm and delineate the project scope and terms of reference. Silver Embrace's Inc. will review  the materials provided by the Client, discuss, and develop a plan. This plan will demonstrate the critical target dates, financial and quality requirements.

Silver Embrace's Inc. Will identify any additional information, if any, from the Client to complete the planning.

Expediting - Silver Embrace's Inc. will prepare a summary and firm cost to the client, not more than forty-eight (48) hours after the initial meeting, or otherwise specified.

 Information Development - Based on our understanding of the information available on the list, we will meet with the client and advise on foreseeable implementation problems i.e., materials, finishes etc.

 Client Approval - The Client will approve the delivery schedule and the cost estimate of product's) submitted by Silver Embrace's Inc. Any subsequent approved deviation from the schedule, cost and /or product will be treated separately to the project.



There are three critical areas of expertise required implementing the proposed methodology and working plan: To demonstrate our resources, we have organized our workflow based on the following.

Team Strength - As indicated previously, the Company was in existence since early 1936 established by our father, and had a great response and acceptance from day one, A tremendous amount of work and effort has gone in this organization, several million giftware sets delivered all over the world, and all conceivable mistakes had been encountered and most are won, many ideas come from our companies dealings with national and international surroundings.


The emphasis here is taking into consideration the customers object and how they intend to deliver it.


silverware chest box workmanship


Team Organization. - Ideas are developed in house and are unique, we use several ideas, colour co-ordination and style by combining nature, past experience and tastes that vary from country to country. Thousands of styles that we have created, give us the edge to create that unique box, best suited to represent and deliver with utmost integrity.

Continuously bringing new ideas from present and past encounters. Taking into the consideration the publics need,  wants and desire, mood swings and changes in the market and thoughts.

Team Members - Mr. Berj K. is the natural person to the job, manufacturing and putting new ideas and systems to work, a position which he has earned by working very closely with the Master of his domain, the founder of the company, the product and the idea _Our beloved father and artisan, Mr Aram Kazar.

 On the other hand Mr. Shahé Charles Kazar is the best person when it comes to marketing, and presenting. He harbours a wealth of knowledge in the business world, & market trends, What he brings into the organization is through his extensive contacts and traveling the he does in many cultures, countries all over the world. Interacting with fortune 500 hundred companies, governmental institutions and agencies.  


 Silver Embrace's Inc. Executive Team
                  Mr. Bérj & Shahé Kazar

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