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Faltweare Chests Boxes

The Nature & Art of Workmanship

FTCB Flexible Tailored Cutlery Band.

Hardwood Construction.

Moisture Control.

Unibody Construction.

Miter-and-Tenon Joints.

Finished Edges,

Elegant Accessories.

Tapered Drawers.

Hand-Rubbed Finish.

Anti-Tarnish Linings.

Brand Identity.

Made in the Canada, The World Over.

Silver Embrace Quality Unmatched.

Solid wood tops.


The Quality Story Silver Embrace Handcrafted Chests.

FTCB Flexible Tailored Cutlery Band The trade mark and the invention of of Silver Embrace's Inc.. Is by far the most attractive, flexible, handcrafted design to serve and protect and preserver all your Cutlery.

Hardwood Construction Only the finest quality hardwoods are used in the construction of Silver Embrace chests.

Moisture Control All woods are kiln-dried for greater stability, thereby eliminating warps and splits in the wood.

Unibody Construction All chests are constructed as 6 sided boxes, with the lids and drawers cut from the same piece of wood. All pieces are kept together throughout the manufacturing process, thereby yielding matched grains and even finishes.

Miter-and-Tenon Joints Locked miter-and-tenon joints are used on all corners for strength and durability.

Finished Edges Solid wood tops, recessed bottoms on the chest and drawers, and mitered corners eliminate end-grain, yielding a furniture quality appearance.

Tapered Drawers Drawers are slightly tapered from front to back to enable a more custom fit without binding.

Hand-Rubbed Finish Each chest is carefully stained and hand-rubbed to a rich, lasting finish, revealing the natural luster of the distinctive hardwoods.

Anti-Tarnish Linings Custom-fitted and carefully tailored racking in each chest is designed to securely hold your flatware and help it remain attractive for years.

Brand Identity The Silver Embrace name is your assurance of the finest quality chest available.

Made in the Canada From beginning to end, all chests are handcrafted in Canada. And all related accessories and add-ons are either imported from all over the world, or locally available finest producers.

Silver Embrace Quality Each Silver Embrace chest is crafted with painstaking care like a piece of fine furniture. The Silver Embrace standards of quality assure a lifetime of pleasurable use.

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