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Description & Features.

Anti-Tarnish fabrics or clothes - In order to prevent silverware, hollowware from tarnishing, these fabrics  are  treated with a set of advanced anti-oxidation technologies., they are ideal &  special cloth to wrap valuable silverwares in total tarnish protection. Moreover, it is antibacterial.
For many years, world-renowned silver companies, including Christofle, Designers, & Museums, Art Galleries used Anti-tarnish fabrics to preserve and protect. Other manufacturers and silverware companies have been ordering our anti-tarnish chests, boxes & jewelry protected boxed cloth since 1930. Several other products are also Anti-tarnish Cloth Silver cloth.

made by this fabric such as, anti-tarnish storage pouches, rolls, bag, jewelry storage boxes, Dining drawers and dining niche interior fabrics, and table pad tops for protection.

Do not wash or dry clean, otherwise it will remove the anti tarnishing treatment. Keep you silver shining without polishing. Wrap your valuable silver in total tarnish protection. You can turn a drawer in a china cabinet into a tarnish proof silver storage area by lining it with silver cloth.

 This fabric will keep silverware and silverplate clean, bright and shining. Sulphur, salts, and other elements and gases in the air cause tarnishing and harmful pitting, acts as a natural barrier,

In addition, anti-tarnish fabrics will protect against scratches and dust accumulation. This product will last for years and years, There is no face to this fabric, so you do not have to worry about what side is against the silver to prevent it from tarnishing.


The fabric does come with many colours, sizes shapes and designs, This is just a few sampling.

Anti-tarnish Cloth Colour swatches.

Anti tarnish jewelry boxes are a must for silver jewelry. Unlike gold, silver and other metal alloys wonít remain shiny for long when exposed to our atmosphere and water, becoming tarnished and ugly looking over time. Until very recently, a lot of different brands claimed to offered the ultimate anti tarnish silver jewelry box that would keep your silverware as shiny as new, but most of them didnít quite work as advertised.

Anti-tarnish Cloth Colours.

When you have oxidized silver jewelry, there are only a couple of things you can do to restore it to its shiny glory. One is the good old-fashioned cleaning, with the right products and a lot of scrubbing youíll have your jewelry back to its original look. The other, uses electrochemical reactions to achieve the same result effortlessly, but at the extra cost of expensive electro-cleaning devices but if you use an anti-tarnish jewelry box you would find you wouldn't have to do as much cleaning as you used to.

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