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Silver Embrace Company 
Attempted to be copied ... but ... never duplicated! 

Silver Embrace, the company, the idea, the concepts and the product designs were originally introduced and is the  brainchild of the companies founder, this great visionary man. Our Beloved Father


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Silver Embrace Company, which was established in 1936 by (Our founding father Aram Kazarian (Kazar)). Mr. A. Kazar had a great depth of vision, and an eye for art and design, (multiple award winner, in many of his designs and concepts).

His talent and energy was focused on how to introduce a product that would protect, preserve and present items near and dear to any ones heart. Items such as silverware, cutlery, jewellery, treasures, precious gifts, recognition and presentations awards. Art design dressing, archaeological preservation, heirlooms etc. 


Hence Silver Embrace was born, and over the years it has expanded to accommodate many areas of the same environment which included, business and Governmental presentations, awards, archaeological digs (that require special boxes with anti tarnish material).  Fine articles, flatware, cutlery, crystal glasses or vases. Wall units and drawers relined, Jewellery and watch display and stands, and many more applications too numerous to mention.  

These hand crafted and uniquely designed cases are built to last a life time, and appreciate in value, the trade marked flag ship product of Silver Embrace, the FTCB (flexible tailored cutlery band) series, for cutlery and flatware purposes, created specifically for:

Anti-tarnish, Space, Presentation, Longevity in mind.

Anti Tarnish Flatware Chests    Anti Tarnish Silverware Chests 

  Standard Style                                                  FTCB Siler Embrace 

  Since the company's inception Silver Embrace has remained exclusively unique Company and will remain as such.  A company with exceptionally innovative and exquisite product line and design with a global flavour. The company is International in scope, and holds wealth of experience and knowledge in the market for over 60 years.

We at Silver Embrace await the opportunity to provide your organization with high end, hand crafted and impeccably designed and exquisitely finished boxes, for your present and future needs.   


Modernized and unique specialty boxes for all occasions

Embrace your precious gifts, keepsakes silverware and precious jewellery in our distinctive boxes.  Your treasures deserve care and protection and ensure their lasting value.

 We offer you both ready-made and custom-designed boxes, impeccably crafted with European quality that has made us famous the world over _ Since 1936.


Specialty boxes for Silverware and /or gift boxes for unique occasions such as, cutlery gift sets or highly sensitive presentations between corporate offices and dignitaries, and many other functions that require some added attention and protection and display.

Our firm, SILVER EMBRACE is this unique Company in the world that will provide special hand crafted boxes with vinyl and velvet finishes with decorative brass and glossy trimmings and finishes for display or a measure of protection.


Sizes, shapes and colour co-ordination do vary among the products, whether the customer is displaying, protecting or both.

 Available in your choice of size, colour, and texture-leather, synthetic, velvet, velour.

We also customize existing wall units and drawers to create the traditional safekeeping your heirlooms deserve  items such as crystal glasses,  vases, archaeological digs and museum related high profile and sensitive specialty items, with ANTI TARNISH textured material.

Our team leader, and the sons of the founding father who combined have more than 40 years of experience internationally in wide range of specialty gift ware and custom designed configurations, colour co-ordination and spectacular new and unique designs.


Ideas that has warranted the company to receive FRANCO-ITALIAN ARTISAN AWARD 1959

AntiTarnish Flatware Boxes Chets Anti Tarnish Dinnerware Chets


LEBANO-ITALIAN Governments Presidential Award 1973.

  Jewelry Giftware Anti Tarnish Chets Boxes Award Winning Drawers lined

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